MediCurator : Near Duplicate Detection for Medical Data Warehouse Construction

Welcome to the MediCurator Documentation. Here you will find information describing the features of the MediCurator platform, tips on how to use it, and details about its RESTful API.


With the growing adaptation of pervasive computing into medical domain and increasingly open access to data, near duplicate detection algorithms have been proposed and implemented in order to detect and eliminate duplicate entries from massive datasets.

Traditionally, near duplicate detection algorithms are sequential and operate on a single computer. Now, InMemory Data Grids (IMDG) offer a distributed storage and execution, giving the illusion of a single large computer over multiple computing nodes in a cluster. However, common distribution strategy and framework to parallelize the execution of the near duplicate detection algorithms is still lacking.

MediCurator is a near duplicate detection framework for heterogeneous medical data sources in constructing data warehouses. MediCurator has been developed to retrieve medical data from various data sources, including MySQL, MongoDB, CSV files, and medical image archives such as TCIA, and detect the duplicates in-memory, while storing the merged data into data warehouses hosted in Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

This documentation is intended to serve both the MediCurator developers/deployers as well as the MediCurator users.

Getting Started With MediCurator

You may download and build MediCurator from its source code, which is readily avilable at

The source code of this documentation can be found at,

This documentation is currently hosted at,

MediCurator for Developers

MediCurator version 1.0 has extensively been developed for some specific environments while maintaining relevant interfaces for extension to the other conditions.

Citing MediCurator

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