Installation and Execution of MediCurator

You can easily install Mediurator with only a few staps.

First, you need to get a copy of MediCurator from the following website Here is the quick start.

Set the Constants

Basicly, the user should set the following the arguments.

  1. Set the API_KEY in ./
  2. Set DATA_BASE_DIR in ./src/main/java/edu/emory/bmi/medicurator/
  3. Set PROXY_HOST, PROXY_PORT if necessary.

The user can choose use HdfsStorage or LocalStorage by changing STORAGE (hdfs/local) in To use HDFS, you should config HDFS_URI and HDFS_BASEDIR in For example, HDFS_URI = “hdfs://localhost:9000/” and HDFS_BASEDIR = “/user/xxx/medicurator/”

Building and Executing Using Apache Maven 3.3.x




$mvn test

Run web application


It is expected to have the TCIA_API_KEY set in the to build with tests.

The webapp runs at http://localhost:2222/Index

You may want to run

$mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=”edu.emory.bmi.medicurator.infinispan.StartInfinispan”

first so that data you hava stored beforehand won’t be lost although the web server has been closed.

Run Restful API


Extend or leverage the exposed APIs, or simply test using a REST client such as the Postman Chrome application.


This project depends on the below major projects.

  1. Infinispan 8.2 stable
  2. dcm4che 3
  3. Apache HTTP Client
  4. Tomcat 7
  5. Hadoop 2.7.2
  6. Spark Java 2.5

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